Visions of Utopia August 10 – September 5 2010

‘….a number of the participating artists in ‘Visions of Utopia’ also draw attention to the folly of human behaviour in the search for complete and absolute contentment. The larger-than-life colour and environment of the shopping mall and game arcade in David Woodings ‘Everybody’s going somewhere just as fast as they can ride’, is a visual, sensory experience. The artist celebrates the detail, colour, shapes and seductive forms of the irresistible objects and items that make up this world of play and amusement. If it appears to be ‘too good to be true’ it is so for a reason. Woodings’ arcade belongs to a world that ultimately defeats and denies the reality of all of its promises.

In shaping and revealing something of the sensory attraction and superficial nature of such an experience, Woodings partakes in an act common to all artists. He responds to, and interprets, the world around him, asserting his domain over it, giving vision to an idea that makes commentary and often judgement upon his environment. In the conception and making of his work, Woodings’ behaviour is utopian, as he asserts his aesthetic and philosophical authority as artist over his painting.

Accordingly, ‘Visions of Utopia’ features the work of individuals whose practice, in the making and resolution of images, is an aesthetic and philosophical journey for an idea or archetype.

Dr. Warren Feeney