Gallery@109 for 2013.

Happy New Year. After successfully converting the studio into a gallery for the Winners/Losers exhibition in November 2012 I have decided to reduce the studio footprint this year to allow for gallery space to exhibit completed artwork. With the changing face of Christchurch there appears no good reason to suggest that people will not visit artists studio/gallery spaces if they are outside of the city center. With a fragmenting of retail locations to all points of the compass in Christchurch, the soon to be open Woolston Mall behind Cassells Brewery, and plans for redeveloped street plazas along Ferry Road  from Woolston to Ferrymead this may be the best time to establish a gallery presence in the zone.

The first show for 2013 features works from 2006 – 2012 exhibitions ‘Searching for Arcadia’, ‘Winners/Losers’ and ‘Rides without frontiers’. Limited edition giclee prints on paper of the ‘Out of order’ works are also available and a new large format very limited edition giclee ‘Out of order’ print on canvas is expected in the gallery in January.

The plan is to establish regular hours that the gallery will be open during the week beginning in March, and in the meantime I will open when I am in the studio working, or call me in advance on 027 2748158 to arrange your visit.

Hope to see you in 2013.