Merrily Go Around is a suite of 5 works exhibited at Chambers Gallery in September 2018, and will be exhibited in June 2019 at the Wallace gallery in Morrinsville.

Each pertains, in an allegorical sense, to the notion that carousels function in the same way as the political process where riders wait until everyone has boarded and the music plays before the ‘animals’ begin to circle. The carousel, as a circular ride, results in the ‘riders’ not knowing whether they are leading, following, in the front or the back of any perceived ‘race’, which can stop at any time, the ‘rider’s replaced with any other participant in the dance.

Each work has an allegorical set of references for each ‘party’ and features providing a narrative. Generally, each carousel animal is pointing in the political affiliation direction [left or right leaning] of the selected image. The animals are named (although not in each instance) for their affiliation and have specialised characteristics (detailed below) to provide further narrative. Each is titled to further attribute a reference to the imagery.

The empty vessel has the loudest sound (illustrated here) is an image chosen to represent the New Zealand First politician Winston Peters. Allegorical features include the inclusion of a mining reference to ‘PR’ [Pike River 29’], the National Party-coloured sash cloth, the carved Ruru [wise old owl’) and the inclusion of a ‘Gold Card discount’. There is also a TV image of a racehorse which connects to the Ministry of Racing.

Other works in the suite are; The fourth of July, Only the inescapable is possible, Orewa Carnival, Edendale Primary School Gala September 2017.

The empty vessel has the loudest sound 2018