This work has been a while in gestation with the original underpainting completed in 2011 the work was then placed into storage whilst the focus changed to the Winners/Losers works exhibited in late 2012. Following on from the Winners/Losers works  a series of images exhibited in 2013 titled Still Lives again delayed the completion of (what I am now calling the last) Out of order work.

Continuing to use landscape details from my neighbourhood to detail the earthquakes of 2010/2011, the background of Out of order #3 is the Carnegie Library Building from the suburb of Woolston. Implanted into the scene (in similar fashion to the rescue helicopter in Out of order #1 and the fire brigade in Out of order #2) is an earth mover driven by Bob the Builder.

The use of an image connected to Bob [Mayor Bob Parker] was central to the works in 2011 when first considered, but with the Mayor signalling his departure from office at the 2013 elections it seemed important to finish this work prior to that happening. So, in celebration of the face of many of the difficult times during the past 3 years since the earthquakes I give you Out of order #3 (for Bob).