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New Year 2013

Gallery@109 for 2013. Happy New Year. After successfully converting the studio into a gallery for the Winners/Losers exhibition in November 2012 I have decided to reduce the studio footprint this year to allow for¬†gallery space to exhibit completed artwork. With …

The recurring horse theme

The recurring horse theme To continue with illustrating activities in Christchurch post earthquake, and also to enhance stories about Cup Day in Christchurch in 2012 Campbell Live covered the¬†Winners/Losers exhibition titling the piece ‘the recurring horse theme’. You can see …

I live 100 lifetimes in a day

I live 100 lifetimes in a day 2007 The painting I live 100 lifetimes in a day was bought recently by a donor to give to the new Ronald McDonald House in Wellington. An auction arranged through the NZAFA in …


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